Install Bluestacks Without Graphic Card Problems 

Hello  I am going to show you how to install BlueStacks on your Windows operating system.

So,why should we use BlueStacks?If you want to run and play mobile apps or mobile games on your Windows PC BlueStacks is an app by which you can install and play and run Android apps or more broadly mobile apps on your Windows PC.

How Install BlueStacks

So, let’s see how can we install first of all BlueStacks.

Step 1: Go to your google search and just write BlueStacks and the first link you will find here is BlueStacks and in here you will find the windows binary of Windows executable file or installer for Windows and on the right-hand side you will find the installer for Mac OS .

Step 2: So, depending upon your operating system just download this and install BlueStacks on your system.

But frequently some users feel difficulty to install this BlueStacks on Windows and it generally shows the error of the graphics card that your graphic card is not up-to-date.So, first try this authentic BlueStake executable installer download this and try to install this on your PC and if it runs well then there is no need for the extra straps which I am going to show you further.

But, if you see some error related to graphic card saying, you need to update your graphic card, then I will show you how to install your BlueStacks app without graphic card. So, just download this and if it doesn’t work or it shows this message then just follow the steps. Lets see how to install Bluestacks without Graphic Card Problems.

How to Install Bluestacks  Without Graphic Card Problems

  • Step 1: Just open your browser once again and search this link proved on your search engine and this will open to Mediafire.
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Download Bluestacks edited version (LINK1)

( LINK 2 )

  •  Step 2: This will open this Mediafire link and in here you will be able to find BlueStacks app once again but this will install BlueStacks without Graphic Card Problems.Download this  which is also a BlueStacks executable file.

how to install bluestacks without graphic card problem

  •  Step 3: Install the BlueStack executable file.So, you see BlueStacks is installed in your system without Graphic Card Problems.

how to install bluestacks without graphic card problem

So, that’s it and now you can find your favourite mobile apps and you can use it on your PC.This way you can install BlueStacks on your PC and run Android apps or mobile apps on your PC without any Graphic Card problems.