We have compiled list of  Screen Sharing Apps For Android. Android devices have offered a large amount of customization and user friendliness for their customers, but seeing everything on this small screen becomes tiring and irritating at times. Such times have been witnessed when even a 5-inch screen smartphone seems to be small for accessibility. This usually happens at times of irritation and frustration.


Screen Sharing Apps For Android

List Of Best Screen Sharing Apps For Android 

Android screencast was the open source project owned by google. it is desktop app used to record your screen remotely. This can be worked on any pc running windows. mac OS, linux.

Android Screencast


Android screencast is app for pc to record videos in different formats. You can record your videos in high definition as MP4, 3GP etc.

You can detailed tutorial here to record Screencast Videos on Android here.



It is one of the screen sharing apps for android. AirDroid is one of the most widely used applications for projecting the screen over laptop and controlling the tasks of the Android device.airdroid android screencast

  • The best feature of this app is that it allows a wireless connection that is projection can be done in a browser format.
  • There is no need of using data cables to connect the device with laptop or PC.
  • One can connect his Android device to PC even when the two objects are not nearby, with the help of this application.
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This is one of the very famous free apps available for Android. Through this device, you can share your screen over your PC’s browser just by a click of a button.

  • In this application, a plugin gets installed in your browser, which enables the easy sharing from your Android device.
  • You can easily access your device by the integrated options that come with this application.



Being one of the simplest apps that can be used to share your Android device’s screen over a PC or a video projector, it enjoys a huge clientele over the Play Store.

  • This app incorporates hundreds of features that cannot be found in other similar apps available on the internet for Android devices.
  • It offers features like adjusting the portrait or landscape view as per the requirement, incorporate audio functions, etc.
  • The best feature is that you can use keyboard and mouse to work over your Android device once it has been connected to your PC.
  •  Screen sharing apps for android helped to much to communicate with demonstration.

The above mentioned applications, along with hundreds of other such apps can be used to project the screen of your small Android device to a big screen PC or a projector, and hence can enable a large number of features. Such features can be useful when one wants to teach a class, or during meetings where a presentation or a demo of some mobile application is to be shown to the authorities.

It won’t be wrong to say that Android has changed the way we live. It has enhanced our standard of living, along with enabling us to keep in touch with the whole world through a device in our hands. Every day, some new apps are launched that target in easing up our difficult situations and help us in getting out of troubles, but the main motive behind it is earning money. Various app makers have made a profession out of this freeware software of Android, and a hundreds of new coders are getting added to this initiative by Google. These Screen Sharing apps have also made life easier by eliminating those bulky instruments that were needed to project something. So, let’s screen share for Android. I hope you enjoyed list of best Screen sharing apps for android and let us know some more via comment section.

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