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Swing Copters Review – The New Game From The Creator Of Flappy Birds !

New gane in the market Swing Copters. Most of us must be aware of the very fact that the creator of the game called Flappy Bird literally became a millionaire and that too overnight after the game nearly exploded in popularity. Well he did later pull the game off from the Android and the other iOS market places. Flappy bird did indeed became the cultural phenomenon even for those who were not that addict in games. Surprisingly the very same person, known by the name of Dong Nguyen, is actually back with another simple yet addictive game to launch an attack on your attention span. This game is known by the name of Swing Copters. Just because of the huge popularity of the previous game, the audiences were eagerly waiting for this new game.

Similarity Between Flappy Bird and Swing Copters

The game is actually quite similar to the previous game by the same creator i.e, Flappy Bird. The flappy bird is actually a dangerous, tricky and a pixelated game which can be easily controlled by poking on the screen. So the basic idea of this new game this time is actually to poke to guide upwards the little sprite unlike the previous game which used to advance sideways. You need to guide the sprite upwards without crashing into the walls. Well if you must know, both games are the strictly hard, extremely cute and really short play times. Both the games would ask you to move through the tight spaces and the last similarity is that both are playable in portrait mode. The later one, Swing Copters is actually more evil, more difficult and also more tricky and addictive than the predecessor. Just like in flappy birds.

Feature Of Swing Copters

Just like the Flappy Birds the Swing Copters player also features a cute looking character. As already mentioned you need to tap it upwards by poking on the screen. Swing Copter is actually quite addictive but simply not because of its difficulty. The game is actually a raw maneuver of behavioral manipulation.









When you are actually talking about these straightforward games you need to realize that it’s actually the amazing specific details of these games that make it superb and more addictive. No wonder the game is surely going to make you angry simply because it plays with your psychology and that too without giving you nay huge rewards for it. The inclusion of the hammers would actually have been really amazing if it would have implemented a bit more way wise. It may sometimes feel that the hit detection system is actually weird because in many of the cases the player may fail even if the character is not that close to the hammers. It actually makes the matter worse that your character will be instantly smashed and that too without any kind of understanding.

Outcome of Swing Copters

Well there is actually no reasonable outcome other than the glory of pushing your score higher than the previous one.  The issue of the swinging hammers would really have been less annoying if it really wasn’t for how the character is actually controlled. According to the nature of the game you actually need to turn your character to avoid the obstacles and to score higher. It is basically quite unfortunate that the speed of the character actually declines the moment you turn it sideways and the character will not move away into the straight direction. With the addition of the strange hit detection there are too many unexpected deaths and also quite frustrating for the player. You may often feel that the things aren’t exactly the way they were expected to be.

Play-Mode Experience of Swing Copters

There’s also the height that the character is flying at, its rate of decent and also the position of the gap right in the tunnel ahead. Apart from all these factors everything else is constant. While you are pressing the screen it produces the same flap motion and that too each time. The speed of the forward movement does not really alter and the width of the gap does not really change. It goes without saying that Swing Copters would basically add more uncertainties and more abstract values which your mind must sincerely measure when on the fly. The one thing that would bother you is that you continuously need to turn about 180 degrees when you are moving forward. You need to realize that you won’t be able to immediately fly in the direction that you would be picking during the course of the play. Instead of this it would be better if you can slow down and that too at the rate which is quite dependent on your speed and only then please move to the direction that is requested.









It has already been mentioned that the hammers that are guarding the gaps in the scaffolding that you pass are actually the reasons for some irritation and anger. They are actually the additional one of the variables and they also seem that they are actually quite improperly implemented. You may have to dodge past them for numerous times for a fair pixel but then your copter would already be knocked out of the air. Unlike the flappy bird this game actually does not gives you a moment to see where you had gone wrong which actually proves to be another disadvantage of this game.

Video Promo OF Swing Copters


Swing copters did have the potentiality to be a good game and worthy enough to be the successor of Flappy bird. However it is actually quite unfortunate on its part that the new gameplay features are not quite implemented properly. It ultimately results in some frustrating gameplay experience which may lose some potential customers. Flappy birds gained widespread popularity simply because of the fact that it was simple but extremely tricky while the new game Swing Copters is actually lacking those.

All of the factors that are mentioned above actually make the very game Swing Copters quite less accessible but still it is friendly. It is actually not very good for a game which needs some big audience to keep up the sence of competition and also the community alive. It is quite obvious that people play the Flappy Bird simply because it is easy, simple, constant and also instantly understood. The following game Swing Copters actually provided too many variables and all the perceived inconsistencies for all the masses to pick it up instantly which might as well kill the game.

Well apart from all the cons the game is indeed a good product which basically loads fast, looks good and it also sounds fine. All it lacks is the crucial ease of understanding and also the mass appeal. The game though is brutal but it just not seems quite fun.

Download Swing Copters APK

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Final Verdict

So to summarize the whole concept Swing Copters does have the potential to become successful as its predecessor Flappy Bird. But the basic thing that is blocking its way to success is its new gameplay features which have been badly implemented just like the characters movement. At some point it also does seem that the hammers actually hit the character even when it is not to close or the character is out of range which basically leads to more frustration. The very formula of the flappy bird actually needed some new elements but the Swing Copters only seem to add unnecessary complications which actually makes the game more frustrating. But of course you can always go ahead to give it a try to play swing copters.

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