Today we have list of best Fitness Apps for Android 2014. If you’re one of those techy persons who always get the latest smartphones, cool mobile phone accessories online, phablets or kindles; you’re going to love using these clever android apps. They can help you get fit and stay in shape, while you reach your fitness goals. Check out the top fitness apps for android that are sure to keep you motivated:

Top 6 Fitness Apps for Android

List of Top 6 Fitness Apps for Android


Here is the list of best free fitness apps for android. Some of then are really good. Once you should go through list of free fitness apps for android.

Workout Trainer – best fitness app android


This amazing app gives you the opportunity to take total control of your very own fitness training, providing users with a wide array of workout routines varying in intensity, length as well as target area of the body. These routines have a cool digital personal trainer to walk you through it and fabulous pictures to guide you.

Availability:  Playstore Download

Garmin Fit – Full Fitness App for Android


This helpful app allows you to track your distance, speed and elevation thanks to a GPS tracker on your phone. Using your age, height and weight, it calculates the amount of calories that have been burning. Whether it’s rap, rock, pop or any other music style, this app lets you listen to your own songs while you’re running.

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 Download Garmin Fit

My Fitness Pal – Best Android Fitness App


If you have issues counting calories, this app is perfect for you! This useful app tracks how many calories you’ve eaten during the day without having to do the math yourself. Thanks to My Fitness Pal, you can control what you eat just by using the scanner or checking out the enormous database with more than 3 million food items.

 Download My Fitness Pal

Fitocracy – Best Android App for Fitness


For those battling with motivation, this app offers a unique reward plan. You must try to get the highest level possible by entering the exercise you’ve done during the day such as jazz dancing, weightlifting. This will give you points to get to the next level.

Download Fitocracy

GymPact – Absolute Fitness App for Android


If you’re gym membership proves to be a waste of cash, this app is just for you! You can earn money when you go the gym and pay fines if you miss a day with this fun app. The fines paid are given back to the people who reached their goals at the end of each week.

Download GymPact 

Strava Cycling – Lifetime Fitness App for Android


This GPS tracker measures your distance, elevation and speed as you cycle as well as letting you compete with other cyclists in your area who have also ridden the same road, trail or segment.

Download Strava Cycling

We hope this information comes in handy. Now it’s your turn to download these apps and get motivated to start enjoying a healthier mind and body. Good luck and remember the sky’s the limit! What are you waiting for?

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This was the list of best free fitness apps for android. So if you know some better Free Android Fitness Apps let us know via comment section. Till then enjoy Fitness Apps for Android.