*Updated* How To Fake Your Last Seen On WatsApp? | How to Show Fake Last Seen on WhatsApp using WhatsApp+ | How To Freeze Whatsapp Last Seen

Fake WhatsApp Last Seen Time

Using these tricks you can show backdated older whatsapp last seen time to your friends. The latest craze among the Smartphone users is WatsApp. This is a social networking app and is having plenty of features. We make sure that we keep on providing our readers with the updated and latest information so that they can play well and get most out of their Smartphone. The last seen is one thing which every WatsApp user is aware of. The majority of the people have hide their last seen and this has also become a matter of fight among friends and lovers. Therefore, what can we do to prevent fighting? The WatsApp last seen keywords are getting very high on organic searches. So we, decided to make people aware of the WatsApp trick, which will let them fake whatsapp last seen time.

Is it possible to fake or Show Older WatsApp last seen?

Yes, this is possible and here in this post you will know how you can do it. Lets first start with the WatsApp itself. This is the most amazing app and all its users will say yes. The same thought came in the mind of the Mark Zukerberg owner of the facebook and he bought this amazing app for $19 billion. Aah! This is a pretty huge amount. Well, users of WatsApp just need away out of the last seen hassle and mark planned to get the users out of this dilemma. First, he planned the last seen hiding feature. If you have hide you are last seen, then you will not be able to see others and no one will be able to see you are last seen.

The thing is that it totally depends upon the users whether they want to hide it or not, but it is commonly observed that it has also  meant a matter of fight and breaking relationships especially couples who are not able to see each other last seen. Sometimes we are not in a mood to let others see our last seen so if you do not want others to get disappointed.

What you will need?

First of all, you will need app, which is not easily available in Google play because it is custom mod by developer. The name of the app is GBWhatsApp+ Apk. This is the modded version of whatsapp, which you will have to replace it with the existing version to hide your last seen. Special Thanks to Omar who is the real creator of GBwhatsapp. 

How it will work?

There is no need to be tech savvy to use this app. It is simple and you just have to follow these steps. It is very easy to create pack up on the new version. first of create back up following settings>chat settings-> backup conversation. GBWhatsApp+ Apk is the different version of WatsApp. Follow these instructions

  • First of all create back up
  • Uninstall your existing version or original whatsapp.
  • Download GBWhatsApp+ Apk version [ Link 1] [ Mirror Link]
  • While the installation process going on you will also get option to restore your messages and may take time.
  • Once the installation is complete, open GBWhatsApp+ Apk and hide, you are last seen. You can also visit the menu and disable your blue ticks. The option is available on the right hand top corner.
  • Now Click On Menu Tab on  your android phone. You will get options like this.
  • Now Click On Privacy Tab


  • After that click on Hide Online Status, after this your gbwatsapp will restart automatically. Though you go online, it will show the faked time, that is time when you clicked on hide online status. 
  • For Exa: You clicked on hide online status at 12.31 pm dated on 15/3/2016. That’s the timestamp will be shown on your friends whatsapp, whenever he will see you last seen.
  • Whatsapp Last Seen Timestamp Meaning is showing the old dated last seen time to your friends.
  • Along with last seen, you can have many option like hiding blue ticks, second tick, writing status, recording, blue microphone etc.

Coming back: Again follow the same procedure to show your online status. Setting > Privacy > Click on Show Online Status. This will show your status online.


  • This is the magical trick that will hide you from all others, but you will still be able to see others.
  • To reveal your last seen follow the same steps and enable the settings.

Why use this tool?

There are many people who are having last seen problems with their friends and girlfriends :P. No matter you are working or discussing something important late night no one is going to believe you. There are many who are suing this tool and this has made their life much better. You will just need GBWhatsApp+ Apk from the given link.

Wrap up: Freeze Whatsapp Last Seen

Using this app is very easy and there are 99% chances that you will be successful in managing your apps last seen. You will just have to set the Show Online Status and Hide Online Status. After that, the app manages things of its own and show older WhatsApp Last Seen Time.

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