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*Best* Space Saving Tips For Any Device {Android, iOS, Blackberry}

One of the best features of Android is the large Store from where, n number of apps can be chosen from various genres. In other words, this store won’t allow you getting bored, but these apps could only get installed on your device if there is enough space available.

You might have often come through an error saying “Insufficient Storage” while installing an app from the Google Play Store. This happens due to ignorance of memory management that must frequently be performed in order to clear memory of your device. A few tips for the same are mentioned below.

Remove Extra Apps

This is the most important and efficient tip that anyone can give for your Android device. You might have tens of apps installed on your device that you don’t even use. So the best option would be getting rid of these apps as soon as possible. Along with clearing up space, they would also lead in battery utilisation.

  • The best app for uninstalling these apps and managing performance of other apps is Easy Uninstaller. This is available in the store free of cost, and allows a user friendly interface.
  • Apps can also be removed by going to Settings, choosing the option of Applications, them going to Manage Applications, and then uninstalling the app that is not required.

Moving apps to External Storage

Most of the apps that are downloaded directly get installed in Internal Phone Storage of your device. This slows up the speed of the phone as most of the memory is occupied by these apps, and a small amount is left for processing purposes.

  • This can be prevented by moving these heavy apps and games to external storage.
  • A Class 10 Memory Card is always preferred as it provides high speed, and thus uninterrupted performance.
  • There are a few applications that cannot be moved to SD card. For the rest of the applications, you can use “App 2 SD” named app, which will allow easy movement of these apps into SD card.
  • This would allow easy clearance of memory, and thus high performance of the device is promised.

Moving Media from Internal Memory

There might be many photographers or videographers out there who regularly take photographs and make videos. These consume a large amount of memory, and soon can exhaust the memory of your device. So it is recommended that you move this media to some other storage device. A few of the recommendations are made below.




  • Move the apps to external storage. In this way, the internal storage capacity will increase, leading to a high performance of your device.
  • Moving the media to cloud storage can help you restore the media whenever required. This will also help you in attaining the media on your computer in a wireless manner.
  • Move the media to your computer. The photographs you clicked or the videos you made can simply be transferred to your PC’s memory, and can be restored as per requirement.

Monitoring your Device

Each device needs regular monitoring. This can be done by various applications available in the Play Store. Monitoring literally refers to keeping an eye on the working of your device.

There might be many apps installed on your device and you might not have been properly maintaining or updating them. Monitoring enables you to remove the unnecessary apps, update the outdated apps, and allow many other such features.

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