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Best 5+ WAYS TO BLOCK YOUTUBE ADS IN ANDROID [100% woriking✅] | Best Ad Blockers in 2020

How to Block Ads On Youtube App Android | Block Youtube Ads In Android No Root |

We will teach you to block ads in android apps. You are enjoying your favorite video on YouTube and suddenly an ad appears and disturbs you, isn’t it annoying? It has become the most common problem for all YouTube viewers. They can’t be removed completely but here we are sharing few tricks to get rid of those irritating videos. We hope they will be helpful for you and you can enjoy ad-free videos on YouTube without any disturbance.

Different Ways to Block Youtube Ads on Android

• Install Cygery Adskip

It is one of the best ways to get rid of skippable ads and non-skippable ads. One can get it directly by using a source that is the XDA Labs app.

Follow these steps

1. Install the app Search for the keyword ‘Cygery AdSkip for YouTube’ ( LINK ) on the XDA lab’s tab. You will get the top result and by simply pressing the download button you can download the app. After the download, you will get android’s installer interface and you can simply install. Then open the app after installation is completed.

2. Enable options This is next step you should go through after the installation. You have to enable various services like accessibility and Adjust options in it.

Then you will get a prompt message to set general options, Press ‘ok’ on this message and go to the option ‘Cygery AdSkip Service’ where you can enable the services with the help of toggle switch. Once you finished with the settings don’t forget to tap the option ‘Enabled’.

You can also disable the option “Mute audio during ad” if you want which may result in a little delay in ads detection.

3. Enjoy ads free YouTube Video Now, you can enjoy complete ads free video on YouTube. Whenever any ad will appear in it, ‘Cygery AdSkip’ will automatically press the Skip button and the ads will be disappeared. If you have chosen the option of “Mute audio”, then you will not even hear the voice of the video also.


Use YouTube Red YouTube Red is another excellent service to skip the ads from YouTube. From 2017 is has become an only a legitimate way to skip ads from videos on android. Though it is a paid subscription to YouTube it also works as an ads skipper. It is a paid service but you can enjoy the first-month trial completely free.

Go through following steps

1. Get YouTube Red Go to YouTube app in your android. Tap the profile option on the right corner of the page there you will get a menu window when you will sign in with your Google email address and password. There you will find the option of YouTube Red in the list. Press the blue button on the right side of the screen to get the app free for one month.

2. Make Payment After a one-month free trial if you want to purchase the application, then enter payment details and choose a suitable payment method for you. Input your YouTube password and tap the option ‘Verify your password’

3. Buy YouTube Red Once your password and payment details get verified you can get a free trial of the application from the option of the ‘Buy’ at the bottom of the screen. After free trial months over you will be liable to pay charges of $9.99 until you cancel the service.

4. Enjoy ad-free videos Now you can enjoy YouTube videos without any disturbance of the ads.

• DNS 66 APP

Go through following steps

• Install dns66 android It is a very useful and effective technique to skip the ad whiles you enjoying the video on YouTube. The best thing about it is that it’s completely free.

1. Install the App To install this app your android device must allow the installation from the unknown sources. If it is not you can make it by simple settings using these steps ‘Settings’-‘Security’-‘Installation from the unknown source’-‘On’ After these settings you can install the app ‘DNS 66’ which is helpful to block the ads without affecting battery level of your device.

Enable Installation from Unknown Sources
First Screen of DNS 66
Turn On hp Hosts Ad & Tracking Server

2. Configuration of the App This application doesn’t block the ads by default you have to make a configuration of it. The first step will be turning off the iPv6 toggle.

Now turn on filter hosts in ‘Host tab’ as well as hp Hosts Ad and tracking server. It will activate the ads block by blocking the ads server. In the end, you have to allow VPN connection request by clicking ‘OK’

Turn On hp Hosts Ad & Tracking Server

3. Launch YouTube with DNS 66 Now you can watch YouTube without any ads and if you wish to watch the ad, then simply click on the ‘Start’ button in DNS 66 App.

Click on the Start Button to Start AdBlock

• Adguard setting – ad blocker for unrooted android

1. Enable HTTPS filtering The first step will be to making Adguard settings by enabling HTTPS filtering which is an important step to the decryption of the data sent to YouTube by the server. Further, the step will be to install the Adguard certificate. HTTPS filtering capabilities are a little limited in the case of the Android Nougat. One has to download an older version of YouTube to make enable it. For the devices having root access, one can add a certificate to the system with the help of the Move Certs app.

2. Clear App data In the further step you have to clear the data of YouTube. To do it, you have made the simple setting in your android device. In the ‘Application manager’ choose the option YouTube’ and tap the button ‘Clear data’. Adguard only Skip the ads when YouTube data is cleared. For the user having rooted access a low-level setting is available. You can do it by simply setting as Setting-Advance-Low level setting-Find the preference root clear YouTube.

• Monetize YouTube page

It is the simplest and easiest method to skip all those annoying videos disturbing you while watching videos on YouTube.

Follow these steps

1. Make channel setting the First step will be to log in to Google or YouTube account to enter the YouTube page. Tap the icon ’Creator Studio’ on the top right corner of the page. Once the app is loaded, go to the ‘setting page’ of your YouTube account and choose the option ‘Channel’ to make particular settings to videos of the channel. Choosing the option ‘Channel ‘ you can open to the other settings of the channel. In the advance setting, you will find an Advertisement setting

2. Turn off Advertisement In Advertisement you will find one checkbox which having by default setting ‘Allow Advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos’. You have to simply ‘Uncheck’ that box and then all the ads from the videos will disappear automatically. These are some brilliant ways to block the Non-skippable as well as skippable ads from YouTube which may prove helpful for you.

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Adblocker for Youtube™ Extension

If you are using windows or PC then this has to be a Fantastic bargain for if according to youtube adblocking worried. This Adblocker for Youtube™ automatically blocks all ads on YouTube ™ that come under the following categories

  • Pre-roll movie ads
  • Textual ads
  • Banner advertisements.

All advertisements will be concealed, including video advertisements embedded on other sites and hence Video Adblocker for Youtube™ Extension will save lots of time of the user


  • No setup.
  • No cluttered lists to manage
  • Blocks banner/text advertisements throughout YouTube ™
  • Ultra-fast and very lightweight
  • Block all pre-roll YouTube ™ video ads on all sites
  • 100% Free & consistently updated

F.A.Q. section for BLOCK YOUTUBE ADS – 

1. How do I block AdBlock ads on YouTube?

AdBlock is the only ad blocker that allows you to whitelist individual YouTube stations and keep to block advertisements anyplace else. Here’s the way we can express the process of youtube ad blocking by AdBlock

  • Click on the AdBlock button in the browser toolbar
  • Select Options.
  • Select Permit whitelisting of Particular YouTube stations, in the GENERAL tab.

2. Where is the ad Impact on Google Chrome?

  • Locate Adblock Plus there
  • Click on”Options” under its description.
  • Click on the”Update now” button

3. Does Google Chrome possess an adblocker?

The original AdBlock for Chrome works automatically.

  • Click here”Add to Chrome,”
  • Visit your favorite Site
  • Watch the advertisements disappear!

4. Is Adblock lawful?

AdBlock is lawful because there’s absolutely no law quitting it. So It is not just like a site has to let Adblock users access to its content.

5. Can I get YouTube without ads?

Ya, it is possible and that is going to cost $9.99 per month. I am discussing youtube red. This is the newest service launched only about the 28th of October,2019 and the service will offer advertisement-free versions of current YouTube videos so You Can Also get access to audio streaming and additional exclusive articles

Wrap Up: Block Youtube Ads On Android

Many apps offer you to buy paid and premium membership but we have included only apps that are freely available in the market.

Do you know any other way to block YouTube ads? Let us know in the comments.

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