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🏥Insurance Apps For Android & iOS In US 2020 | 💒Android Insurance Apps | Home, Auto Car Insurance

The first thing that comes to your mind after buying anything is insurance. All the valuable thing of yours always protected with the help of insurance. Whether it is home, health, life, auto, etc, you always prefer to get insured with the providers like Geico,  liberty, progressive etc either through web or insurance apps.


Insurance Apps For Android & iOS Wiki

There is a number of insurance apps we are listing in this article. Car insurance is one of the important things. In few states of US if you don’t renew your insurance you will be fined by the authority. Most of these apps are popular in the US, UK, Canada, Australia.

Are you looking for insurance quotes to get instantly? You are at the right place to get quotes from different insurance providers. Get, health, auto, dental, life or pet insurance on your fingertips with apps like Progressive, State Farm, Mercury, Allstate, Farmers, Nationwide, Travelers,  and Geico Insurance.

Top 10 Insurance Apps For Android 2020

Before buying any insurance, we will suggest you to follow this list of best insurance provider list enlisted with pros and cons. These are the best insurance apps to claim insurance easily.

1. Woolworths Insurance App

We all want to protect the things we love and with Woolworths car insurance. It’s more rewarding than ever there’s, the option to only pay for the, kilometres you plan to drive by choosing.

Woolworths Drive less pay less cover. Also you can save up to 10% off your, premium plus the reassurance about 24,hour emergency claims line take out a policy today and you’ll also get a $100,Woolworths gift card so we’ve got that, theme celebrations covered to get more from your car insurance call now on 1350,183 or search for worst car insurance

2. 🚗Geico Auto Insurance App

Next Insurance app is geico insurance app which is used for getting insurance of automobile. Geico car insurance app is popular in countries like US, Canada, US, UK.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

3. Liberty Mutual Home Gallery App

According to a recent study from Liberty Mutual Insurance four out of five people, actually don’t document their stuff. You can’t be one of those people, the home gallery app is a great way off, keeping all of your items organized and, I love it because as a blogger I have, cameras I have computers if I can just, input that serial number then I have all, of my items documented what I’m done

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

4. Liberty Mutual Right Track Mobile App

liberty mutual right track mobile app is a new upgrade in liberty insurance app. This app provides 30%off on all insurance renewals. It’s 90 days probation period which will provide a discount to all insurance renewal.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

5. Root: Car Insurance Quote App

I love this company if you’re interested in saving money on your car insurance. Here are five things I love about root insurance App. It is one of the best auto insurance comparison app.

  1. The ease of use everything is in the mobile app from proof of insurance to, policy documents very practical number.
  2. You can pick a recommended coverage, plan or you can create one according to, your needs choose from state minimum too, full coverage they have it all once you, get a quote you can add or remove, coverages and adjust your limits.
  3. Good drivers save even more, the better you drive the more money is, saved and the less you pay every month, or no more insurance agents no more, spending hours on the phone trying to get a quote with route everything is done on the mobile app.
  4. Finally my favorite thing about, root is the price it’s way cheaper than most other insurance companies for the coverage. I’m getting its amazing root has cut my insurance bill in half.
  5. If you want to save some money you’ve got to give it a try you won’t be disappointed. It takes two minutes to download the app and get a quote just click on the link.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

6. Medicare App For Android

Mediacare advantages are divided into Part A, Part B, Part C. Medicare out of Washington DC just came, out with a new app for your smartphone. I, don’t know if you’re like most people, out there nowadays carrying the, smartphone with them everywhere and you can access virtually anything in the, world with your smartphone.

Well this is,an application that you can download called what’s covered and the what’s, covered app is available for Android phones and for iPhones you can have either one and it’s completely free, again this is put out by Medicare now, you could go to and go to, their tools page or their press release, page and dig down in there for the, information on the new what’s covered in app.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

7. Highmark App

Howcan our $0 premium Medicare, Advantage plan come with so many great, benefits like $0 primary care doctor, visits and no deductibles for starters.

You already paid into Medicare Part A, when you were working Plus Medicare Part B payments will still be deducted from, your Social Security check and since the government uses that money to pay. Highmark to manage Medicare Advantage, plans we can offer them to you without, the monthly premium click to request a free planning guide.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

8. Milewise Insurance

If you don’t drive much you shouldn’t pay much for auto insurance maybe you’re a commuter retiree or stay-at-home mom, or dad. Allstate now puts you in the driver’s seat with my wise pay per mile, auto insurance if you drive less you pay, less.

With Allstate mile wise you get the same great coverage and claim service, that we are known for how does it work. You plug a small device into your, vehicle and it keeps track of the miles you drive. You are charged a low rate per mile and per day plus you can monitor your insurance costs and driving behaviour through the mile wise app or, website and if that’s not enough we cap the number of miles you pay each day for each vehicle. So, there’s no need to worry, if you take impromptu road trips because, when you reach your daily cup any, additional miles are on us drive less, pay less it’s that simple, learn more by going to milewise plan.

9. Trov Insurance

I’m leaving my house now as I step outside all of these things with me are fully insured against loss or damage. Instantly that trick I just showed you, that’s true, unlike blanket policies to color everything at once TROV helps me protect.

Trov makes it easy to file a claim, through the app I just answer these, questions and trov handles the rest and, every time I leave my house things like, my laptop and phone are protected Trov puts me in control of the things I care about and that’s really smart.

10. Trucksmart Insurance

It provides insurance quotes for 3 types of services like commercial lines, personal lines and auto lines. It is basically located in US. You can navigate to the nearest office as well as online to get insurance done instantly.

Conclusion:  Best Insurance Apps 2020

This is list of latest insurance apps working in 2020. You can get latest insurance quotes using this app for free. Most of the providers provide the cheapest insurance quotes.

So, start finding best insurance quote according to your budget. If you come across a new insurance app let us know via comment section. We will update that app in the best insurance apps list.

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