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[How To] Download And Install iPadian 2 For Free iOS Emulator on Windows,Mac,Linux PC -100% Working

*Updated* How To Download And Install iPadian 2 for Free iOS Emulator on Windows, Mac, Linux PC | iPadian For Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Touch

iPadian is actually an effective tool that basically simulates the interface of the iPads on the screen of your computer or to be more precise of your windows desktop. It is the best for you if indeed you are an iPad fanatic and you actually love the interface of the iPad. Because the interface of the iPad is graphically impressive. With the help of this app, you can easily Run iOS Apps on Windows.

iPadian Emulator Free For Windows, Mac, Linux

Ipadian is one of the most popular apps which would bring to you the iOS user interface to your Microsoft windows pc. It would basically provide you with the iPad kind of feeling in your PC. The most beautiful aspect of this particular application is that it does not make any changes to your computer. It is just a standalone desktop application for your windows. You can easily Download & Install the iPadian 2 Emulator for PC (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/ XP & Mac).

It basically opens up a screen that actually looks like an iPad user interface, though it would still be working on your Windows files and all the applications only. iPadian is actually an open-source project which can be easily downloaded as just a compressed file from the google code. It plays the role of iOS 7 Emulator for Windows and iPad Emulator for Windows.

The iPadian basically consists of a dashboard that actually displays several features and helps to run iOS App on PC. It actually has two widgets for facebook along with with a search bar, a doc with all the common applications and also some collection of icons for any other programs.

There are also popular applications included like Youtube along with Instagram and the popular games like Angry birds. Well in actual sense Ipadian is not a real type of emulator. It just simulates the particular interface on your Windows PC. It is just a simulator and unlike any emulator, it does not allow any iPad apps to run on your Windows computer.

Well, you won’t be able to play any of your apps here or use your iTunes in this computer. The iPadian provides access to the virtual app store which actually gives the feeling that you are using the iOS app store but actually behind the scenes, it is just a packaged set of apps that runs on windows. Every time you actually open any program in iPadian a browser window will open to show it to you. On the very right side, you will find some other list of the application that you can click on as a shortcut. While you browse you would also see your personal Facebook Wall or your Wikipedia search. You need to remember that whether it is Wikipedia or Facebook they are actually not native to your desktop. Well for many others the iPadian can be surely seen as the best way to visit some of the web app sites.

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Let’s discuss some of the best features of iPadian 2

  • Ipadian includes lots of interesting web applications which is surely going to engage you for hours. You are bound to find it very interesting.
  • It is also having a highly customizable interface.
  • One of the unique features of the iPadian is it’s App Store-style sidebar.
  • It also includes some interesting Facebook notification widgets.

Disadvantages Or  Cons of iPadian 2

Let us also include some of the disadvantages or the cons of this particular application.

  • Actually it is just a basic iPad imitation. It actually serves no more purpose than that.
  • Whenever you install it in your system its performance might be a bit slow. It may not be at some point up to the mark.
  • While install disables your virus. Malware may detect Ipadian Virus, but it is not a virus.

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Minimum Requirements To Run iPadian on Windows,Mac,Linux

  • Adobe Air is a must. Download here
  • Min 512 MB RAM.
  • Windows XP and above.
  • File Size is 30 MB.
  • 50 MB Disk space.
  • 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 PC or above

Download iPadian 2 Links For Windows,Mac,Linux

How To Download And Install the iPadian Emulator On Windows PC

Step 1: Download iPadian according to your OS from the above link and click on exe file.   Step 2: Click on the next tab.   Step 3: Wait a moment to download it completely.   Step 4: Just click on the finish. That’s it, you are done.   Step 5: A shortcut is created on the desktop. Click on it and browse your app. Enjoy iPadian apps. If you wish, you can submit your own app to iPadian store.

iPadian iOS emulator for Mac | Free ios emulator

It simulated iOS environment on your windows device. It just let you download apps from the iOS store and facilitates to run them on emulator machine.

Specification: iPadian 3 for mac

iPadian 3.0 works on Windows XP,7, or above version and also it is completely free to download. Ipadian 3 also works on mac and linux user.

Is iPadian Free for PC a real iOS emulator?

It’s entirely a desktop program developed with Adobe Air — it’s determined by Adobe Air installed on pc. In regards to programs, you shouldn’t expect to play with all of your iPad programs or accessibility to iTunes with the iPadian emulator.

Rather, iPadian includes its iPadian app store that’s merely a set of packed apps that run on Windows providing you with the sensation of utilizing the iOS app store. There are just a few apps and games in the iPadian store. Interface problem cause to use few apps conveniently.

IOS is created for touch, thus interacting with the user interface with something else such as keyboard and mouse doesn’t seem perfect. Since you would anticipate swiping throughout the display within an iPad, you cannot swipe working with a mouse, though it’s possible to scroll up and down with the mouse.

Nonetheless, it seems excellent, and the iPadian will supply an entire iOS look atmosphere. You obtain a browser, social networking with alarms, email client, songs, videos, photographs, and some free programs.v

User Feedback and Reviews on iPadian Free

Based on consumer testimonials from Reddit, iPadian hasn’t supplied the very best expertise as anticipated. per user downloads iPadian emulator hoping to play with a favorite iOS match from the title Fallout Shelter.

After downloading the sports bundle, it’s found simply to include videos of a man playing the sport rather than the real playable game program.

Wrap Up: Download And Install the iPadian Emulator On Windows PC

Thank you for reading our article friends. We hope you got the idea to run iOS apps on your pc with iPadian 2 ios emulator for free for windows, mac, and Linux. We hope you enjoy this post with download & Install iPadian 2 Emulator for PC

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