*TOP*{Updated} 10+ INSURANCE APPS FOR ANDROID 2020 | Best Insurance Apps for Android (in the U.S.) 2020


As the population embraces itself more towards technology, with the user base of mobile applications and tablets skyrocketing through the roof, many Insurance providers are bustling towards the finish line to tap into the potential customer base.

Insurance providers are looking to widen their user- base for customers who prefer self-service options. So what are the top 10 Insurance apps 2017 on the market that are making the rounds:

List Of The Top 10 Insurance Apps 2020

As i have already discussed some insurance apps from 2016 you can them here

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Insurance App #1 What if?

  • Top of the list is the Zurich-based Insurance app company called- What if? Not only does it come with a creative name but also it helps it users assess and understand risk grading through an interactive and attractive
  • User Interface that is easy to use and work through. The purpose of this application is to guide its users to prioritize their improvements.
  • The challenge of the app is to provide risk engineers with a way of presenting complex information, resulting from risk assessments to the user in a format that would be easy for them to understand. Users can then use this information, and view it even after the risk engineer had left, to set priorities for their risk improvement plans.
  • get car insurance quotes and 2020 Insurance Rates.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

Insurance App #2Home Gallery

  • An insurance app catered towards ensuring your personal belongings against theft and loss, home gallery app lets you take pictures and maintain inventories of all the items in your home.
  • This is an app by Liberty Mutual insurance that lets you catalog each item by room and/or category, add item details or scan item barcode for images and descriptions, capture an item by importing photos from your phone, note purchase price, purchase date and/or take photos of the receipt for each item, track items in multiple properties or homes, quickly browse a gallery of your belongings, export your inventory as a spreadsheet or PDF for easy sharing or as a backup in case your device is ever lost or damaged.
  • In the case of a loss or theft, having a home inventory is essential.
  • homeowners insurance application

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

Insurance App #3 Policybazaar

  • Policybazaar is India’s biggest online insurance comparison platform, which allows you to compare a wide range of Health and Life Insurance Plans and Financial Products, viz. General Insurance – Health or Medical Insurance, Motor Insurance (Two wheeler Insurance and Car Insurance), Travel Insurance, and Life Insurance – Term Insurance Plan, Investment Plan – ULIP, Child Plans, Retirement Plans, Pension Plans & Tax Saving Investment.
  • Policybazaar offers you a lightweight and user-friendly mobile app that enables you to choose the best-suited insurance, compare, manage, renew and claim assistance with the different insurance policies available in the market.
  • one of the best insurance quote app

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

Insurance App #4 Auto Insurance App

  • This app lets one easily find and compare auto insurance quotes on their phones and tablets. Auto Insurance Savings is probably the best free app that lets US consumers easily find and compare auto insurance on their phones or tablets.
  • With this free app, it is a breeze for individuals to find insurance companies that provide coverage in their area by simply entering a zip code for the desired location.
  • They also provide auto insurance software and auto insurance quotes 
  • Get cheap auto insurance and car insurance but no car what to do in such case?
  • what to do when lapsing in auto insurance coverage?

Insurance App #5 AIG Travel Assistance

  • With increasing travel security and health risks, navigating the world of international travel requires a new level of sophistication in order to stay safe and secure.
  • Whether it’s prior to travel, during the trip, or after the return home, our secure, member-only assistance app provides travelers with convenient access to in-depth travel, security and health information 24/7/365.
  • However only policyholders have access to the mobile app and features vary by policyholder access.
  • the general auto insurance you can get from here.

Availability: Android

Rest of the 5+ Insurance Apps 2020

Here are we have few more Insurance Apps 2020. There is too many changes in insurance policies and terms and conditions. Make sure you choose the perfect insurance app.

Insurance App #6 Geico App 

  • Available on both Android phone and tables this application caters to both policyholders as well as potential customers.
  • With a simplistic and minimalistic UI, it lets the users – manage their policies easily, access digital ID cards, display Insurance policy changes, chat with insurance voice assistant and provide information about the different policy plans available.
  • Geico mobile apps are available across various platform.
  • you can get geico mobile home insurance quote.

Availability: Android | iOS | Web

Insurance App #7 Insurance Agents Diary

  • Insurance Agents Diary is an extremely useful tool for insurance professionals. With this wonderfully developed android app, insurance agents can easily manage their daily tasks.
  • No matter where they are, they can easily access all the information like clients, contacts, renewals, payments etc at their fingertips.
  • The features in this app are embedded keeping in mind an Insurance Agent’s challenges carrying out his/her day-to-day activities. 
  • Mainly used by insurance Broker.

Availability: Android |

Insurance App #8 Insurance Agent

  • Insurance Agent is a virtual assistant for Insurance professionals. It handles all the information needed for developing a strong Insurance database. Keep up to date detailed info about clients, products (Insurance policies), Insurance Companies (Carriers) and important Contacts.
  • Nowadays, Agents spend considerable time developing and pursuing sales leads. Automating the insurance lifecycle will reduce the amount of time spent on time-consuming tasks, which will improve efficiency and allow to concentrate on increasing production. 

Availability: Android |

Insurance App #9 Crop Insurance

  • An initiative by GOI Crop Insurance mobile app can be used to calculate the Insurance Premium for notified crops based on area, coverage amount and loan amount in case of loanee farmer.
  • It can also be used to get details of the normal sum insured, extended sum insured, premium details and subsidy information of any notified crop in any notified area. Currently, this app is available in Hindi and English.

Availability: Android |

Insurance App #10 True Traveler

  • This is the go-to app to buy travel insurance for backpackers and adventure travelers.
  • True Traveller allows you to buy a policy when you are already traveling and without a return ticket, so it’s ideal for digital nomads and long term travelers. 
  • vehicle insurance is important these days.

Availability: Android |

Wrap Up :  Insurance Apps 2020

It’s time to download your favorite app from the list of top 10 android apps 2020 listed by our writer team.  Insurance apps work as a life saver for the insurance holder and insurance agent. let us know the best insurance apps from the above list. Choose your one of the best from the top ten lists of Insurance Apps 2020

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