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List Of The Top 10+ Insurance Apps 2020 – Android Apps | Download Free Insurance Apps

Best Insurance Apps 2020

Insurance is not everyone’s idea, but some top nations are insisting that it can be a cool idea. Practically speaking all the giants in the insurance industry is offering mobile apps to their customers, which is good. This attracts more customers because filing claims becomes extremely convenient. With mobile apps, companies can improve overall process of insurance. Here are top 10 Insurance Apps 2020 – Android Apps that you must know about. Download Office 2016 App from the list.

List Of The Top 10 Insurance Apps 2020

  1. Geico App 

This app is the most visible one and you might have heard about it. This app is user friendly and sleek. The background customization feature of this app is very popular. It is having plenty of features such as

  • Manage your policy easily
  • 2016 Insurance Changes
  • Access via digital ID cards
  • Chat with lily who is your insurance voice assistant
  • 2016 Insurance Plans
  • There are guides available with which you  can get plenty of help and much more
  1. Cyber Edge

This app is from AIG and is designed for the customers who like digital performances. They can get updates and lots more. this app is having full security features and there is nothing to worry about when you are using this mobile tool to have access to different insurance and other information related to it. This is one best application you can have. We also included 2016 Insurance Rates.

  1. Make Safe Happen

This application is from nationwide and is meant for children because millions are hurt at home or around every year according to the reports of the nationwide. This app is an effort to keep children safe. With this app users can record the children age  and then access a checklist to provide  advice  for every room  in home, such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, stairway, bathroom etc. caregivers  can also utilize this application to buy safety gears  from sites like Amazon and add reminders. This is best insurance app for children.

  1. MetLife Infinity

This app enables users to share, record vacations, photos, and their everyday life with all their loved ones who can easily access them. Collections can be created over years and then can be released to the people they want immediately on any particular date or when the account of the user has been inactive or changed. This app also has cloud storage feature so that you can save all your vital details safely such as birth certificates, passports, insurance, financial and other documents.

  1. Good Ride

This app is by Allstate and is designed to assist motorcyclist to record their journey details. This app can track routes taken, miles traveled, comments, and many other features. Riders can also easily access to the checklist that can aid them in looking at the weather and next gas station so that they can take a break in between. They can also keep track of their maintenance such as oil, battery, and tires. There

Rest of the 5+ Insurance Apps 2020

Here are we have few more Insurance Apps 2016. There is too many change in insurance policies and terms and conditions. Make sure you choose the perfect insurance app.

  1. Home Gallery

This app is from the company Liberty Mutual and it can aid readers in keeping the record of the virtual inventory of all their personal property. With this app, you can capture pictures and also scan the bar codes of all the items in their home and keep records of their belongings. They can also keep the receipts and photo details. Users can also keep add details such as date and price. Inventories are exported as the attachments. This mobile tool is designed to assist renters and homeowners in case of theft and loss.

  1. What if?

Nice name for an insurance app. This application belongs to Zurich and is a risk-grading app that provides a visual representation of the risk grading technology. The goal of this application is to make things easy for the users so that they can understand and assess the risks. This can be done by best practices and insights, which this application provides.

  1. Progressive Art app

This app is having a huge collection of the contemporary art, which is claimed to be the reflection of the focus on change and innovation. With the aid of this application users can explore all the details of the work, know more about the artist and their background. They can also create their own personal galleries of their favorite artwork. This is not all they can also share their favorite gallery with their friends.

  1. Move Tool

Relocating to a new place is a headache and every daunting process. It is stressful, but not now because this application is going to make things extremely simple for you. With this application, you will be able to pack everything present in your home virtually and stay organized. You can also create labels of all the packages that will display the contents present inside the box. You will not have to open each box repeatedly if you need something. This application is very helpful and great for those who like to keep things organized.

  1. My pocket

This is one of the custom apps and is designed for the insurance association and insurance agents. There are plenty of features present in this app such as

  • Insurance app wall
  • Push notification
  • Free mobile website
  • Insurance app sharing
  • GPS navigation
  • Insurance wall
  • App design having custom background

Final Verdict : List Of The Top 10 Insurance Apps 2016

These are the top 10 Insurance Apps 2016 – Android Apps that you can install in your Smartphone and keep things insured and well organized. Since the internet began technology is growing faster and faster. Insurance apps can be a great solution for individuals as well as insurance companies and agents.

These applications have number of features and they have free and premium versions. These android apps can be installed from Google Play.

There is nothing important than keeping your belongings  and family safe  and these apps  can perform such tasks very well and can  help you in having huge peace of mind. Easy navigation and loads of features makes them popular among the users. So make sure that you choose one of the best from the top ten lists of Insurance Apps 2020.

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