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✅ Working 15+ Whatsapp Tips and Tricks | Whatsapp Hacks 2019

We all know that recently Facebook Acquired WhatsApp for 19 Billion Dollars. From that big amount we can understand how viral this app has gone. As WhatsApp is available for many Mobile operating systems, more people were attracted towards it. At present, it’s estimated that there are 419 Million WhatsApp users.

With its easy and awesome user interface, WhatsApp is used by everyone these days. After facebook acquiring it, it made few changes regarding users privacy like Hiding Last seen, Hiding Display Pic and status.

I thought to write a post about WhatsApp tricks and here it is, In the below post you can find many interesting Whatsapp Tips and tricks. I bet you will like most of the WhatsApp tricks mentioned below.

Top  15 Best watsapp tips and Tricks

1. Hide LAST SEEN feature

LAST SEEN option is quite useful for us, at the same time it troubles us a lot too, and we can’t hide our self from few of our annoying friends. There are few tricks available previously for Android users, but those tricks required root access. Now you hiding last seen is made say, after facebook acquired the WhatsApp it updated the app with few privacy features.
You can download the updated version from the official website of WhatsApp and install the .apk file. After Downloading just Go to

There you can find 3 options, EVERYONE, MY CONTACTS, NOBODY. You can choose one among them.

2. Get Back The Deleted Conversation on WhatsApp

If you have accidentally deleted any of your WhatsApp conversations and want to get it back, here is a useful trick for you. Normally WhatsApp automatically backups all the conversations at 4.00 am every day. The backup will be saved in your mobile memory. You can get back all the conversations that are done before the 4.00 am using this trick.

All you need to do is just uninstall and Re-install your WhatsApp application, while you are Re-installing it, WhatsApp will ask you whether to restore your conversations or not just click on RESTORE and your watsapp conversations will be restored in no time.

3. Install WhatsApp on PC

Yes! You can even install WhatsApp and can chat with all your friends sitting before your Computer, There are many applications through which you can install Android apps on your computer, one among them is BlUESTACK.
You can download it from its website and download the .apk for WhatsApp from its official website. After installing BLUESTACK on your PC, just give a download click on the watsapp.apk file and WhatsApp will be installed on your PC.
Check the below post for more info :  5 ways to install Watsapp on Windows PC 

4. Hide your Status, Profile Picture

This option is available only for the latest version of WhatsApp, it’s not yet updated in the app stores, but you can get it by download the app directly from the official website of WhatsApp from HERE.

After downloading just go to SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > PRIVACY. There you can find STATUS and PROFILE PHOTO. You can select them and choose your privacy settings according to your needs.

5. Get Watsapp Statistics

Wanna Track your WhatsApp statistics? You can get all the info about the usage of WhatsApp in a detailed way. This app gives you accurate information on your WhatsApp usage using colorful graphs. You can get info like total time spent, messages sent/received, active timings and lot more.

For this, you need to download WATSTAT   application from the google playstore and install it. I bet you will love to see all your stats at one place!

6. Lock WhatsApp with Password Protection

We normally do many secret chats on Whatsapp and we always don’t want others to read that chat, as WhatsApp doesn’t have any Login details, anyone who uses our mobile can easily open and read WhatsApp conversations.

To stop others from reading your conversations just download the application called APP LOCKER, from the Google play store and install it on your Android devices, it will allow you to lock any app on your device by setting a password.

7. Stop Auto download of Videos/Images into ALBUM

In watsapp when someone sends us a media message it will be added into the albums application instantly without out notice, we have to delete those unwanted images each and every time. But if you stop that Auto-Download of Videos/Images you need not worry about deleting them.

For this Open WhatsApp application and go to OPTIONS > SETTINGS > CHAT SETTINGS > MEDIA-AUTO DOWNLOAD. There you can find the options shown in the above screenshot just open all of them and uncheck them one by one to stop the Auto-download feature.

8. Get Watsapp Chat heads for Android

If you are using Facebook messenger on your mobile you might have already noticed the Facebook Chat heads feature. It will be very useful for us to chat and operate our mobile in parallel without any issues.
Sadly WhatsApp doesn’t have that feature. But by following the below steps you can get chat heads for WhatsApp.
Download the install Watsapp heads and start using it.

9. Get a Watsapp Notification On Your Computer

While working on PC we might Miss WhatsApp message without noticing them, if our mobile is far away or if it is in silent mode. But using this trick, whenever you get a WhatsApp message on your mobile, you will be notified on your PC.
For this download and install Desktop Notifications app on your mobile and following the instructions shown in the application, not just WhatsApp messages, all of your mobile notifications will be displayed on your PC.

10. Send Files in WhatsApp

Normally other than Images and videos we can send any other files in the watsapp to our friends. Though watsapp lets us send images and videos in all formats, it won’t allow us to send the any other files.
Just follow the below steps and you can send the file like word documents, PPT presentations, MP3 songs and lot more. For this, you need an app called CLOUD SEND to be installed on your Android device.

11. Create Fake WhatsApp Conversation

Using Fake WhatsApp creator you can create a fake conversation and prank your friends. This is a very interesting trick to have fun with friends.
Download and install Fake Chat application from the play store it’s a simple app using which you can have some great fun

12. Migrate Watsapp Conversations from One Mobile to Another

Due to a wide range of latest mobiles available in the market, many of us used to change our mobile model quite often, when we install WhatsApp on our new mobile, we can get back any of the conversations that or on your Old mobile.
Here is a useful trick for you from which you can transfer tall those conversations on one mobile to another mobile. Before installing the WhatsApp on your new mobile just take your old mobile and go to
There you will find some file with the date of backup simply copy those file to your computer. Now install watsapp on your mobile, copy those files to the same location of Watsapp databases and restart your application, will find all your conversation back on your mobile!

13. How To Hide WhatsApp Stuff From Your Gallery | Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery

We have created a detailed tutorial to hide media from the gallery it also helps to exclude media from the gallery.

Wrap Up: Whatsapp Tips And Tricks

So these are the WhatsApp tricks and tips if you know any other interesting and useful tricks related to WhatsApp just comment below so that I will include your trick in the post. If you have any issues in using these WhatsApp tricks kindly comment below.

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