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🤼‍♂️20+ Best Anime Apps To Watch Anime For Free On Android | iOS & Android Anime Apps

🤼‍♂️Are you looking for apps to watch anime that help you stream anime cartoons and shows on your Android Devices? Well, if you are, I would like to inform you that you are in the right place.

We are here to show you some of our favourite apps for streaming or even just watching anime on an android device. Japan has had a significant influence on technology over the years.

Wiki About Anime

Japanese culture has had a major impact on the West as well as when it comes to introducing quirky TV shows and spawning robots that are amazingly crazy.


Anime was introduced as being a Japan-exclusive type of amusement which then forced outsiders to acquire the shows through any and mostly illegal means necessary. However, all of this changed after the films became more accessible due to the introduction of sites, films, TV and Anime streaming sites.

🤼‍♂️ 20+ Best Anime Apps For Android

Here are some of the Best Anime apps for watching Anime shows on Android:


If there was a grand library of all of the anime content ever made, they would name it Crunchyroll  At the peak of the package, Crunchyroll sits comfortably with more than 25,000 individual episodes spanning 950 names.  Crunchyroll is among the few anime streaming sites offered for free if you are able to withstand the dozens of ads per incident.

The Premium account of Crunchyroll offers a 14-day trial membership and then asks for the payment later. Crunchyroll provides unlimited access to content in 1080p and 720p Full HD. The subscription fee does seem worth paying, after trying the free version and its many advertisements.

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2.Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden — Watch Free! It is a completely free program for viewing movies that are popular. The program is quite handy — it protects you.

You Can Purchase a premium to get some features, for example:

  • Use without popping-up advertisements;
  • Accessibility to fresh episodes immediately after their launch;
  • Access to private information;

Thanks to the application, every smartphone owner has the opportunity to fully immerse in a world of fantastic anime at any moment.

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3. Funimation Now

FunimationNow is a digital library that is packaged with movies that are dubbed and also subbed. Another reason that FunimationNow is one of the most loved apps by Program users is that it has the fastest turnaround time of dubbing.

HD films that are limited can be watched by free users. On the flip side, premium users may enjoy hundreds of movies. Premium users may also simultaneously see two streams at the same moment.

Where app users can download the episodes to see them offline, Lately, a brand new feature has been launched by FunimationNow. Additionally, they had functionality updates and bug fixes for a more comfy movie adventure.

This app has an amazing selection for anime lovers. However, the downloading is limited in countries like US, Canada, UK, and Ireland.

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Wakanim is a platform for broadcasting the material of Japanese animation famous for its culture of goodness, love, and friendship. One of the best features of the cartoons from Japan that are translated is the professional quality and HD Services. It also allows the viewers to talk and discuss what they view or watch. It also allows the users to view these cartoons on a variety of devices like a smartphone, a computer or an XBox One.

The program offers both fresh and classic displays as well as experiences, comedies, and action films.

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5.Pocket MAL

If you have always wondered that if an app that reviewed anime shows existed, then this app is just for you. A community built by tens of thousands of”otakus” like yourself, this app is a mobile version of MAL ( Pocket MAL makes it possible to keep a track of the shows that’s there so you understand every time a new episode comes out in Japan. It helps you to not only discover new anime shows with synopses but also read reviews from other users on the app. The community is accessible for anyone to join.

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Amino is unique social networking on Android for lovers of manga and anime. The objective of Amino will be to rally people from all over the world. It’s for retelling fan fiction, talking the novelties of the world of animation and translating the series in an obscure vocabulary.

Amino community provides several options to chat with users-chatting via texts, media files, or emoticons or register new themes for debate and discussion with everyone who is interested.

There is an amusement section. Amino supplies evaluations, quizzes, and surveys on different topics.

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One of the few anime streaming websites which offers content for free of cost is Viewster. The app is very light and it is ad-supported as well as clean and well designed. Viewster is not geographically restricted like all the other services. The catalogue is not that impressive, however, and we can find only a few recognizable titles offered in English. However, Viewster is the only free service without being bombarded with ads every moment to watch anime on your Android device.

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  8. Hulu

You’ll be surprised, although A premium streaming agency such as Hulu isn’t where you would expect to find top anime collection. It also maintains a huge library of collection other than the numerous amount of movies and shows it has to offer. You can not only search for classics like Naruto but also the lesser-known amazing shows on this app.

Additionally, Hulu’s network subscription allows you to add premium that is Crunchyroll for your existing account so you receive all your favourite anime series, TV shows, and movies on a single platform.

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Hi! We’re including AnimeLab with this list of anime apps because you’re extra special!

Other anime fans should see because developers are working their way to get to you although AnimeLab is exclusive!

AnimeLab has thousand of episodes currently available on the app with new displays weekly, added. It simulcasts directly from Japan in HD. This program has a 4.4-star review in Google Playstore, strong evidence that this app is an amazing choice.

[epcl_button label=”Download Anime Lab” url=”” type=”outline” color=”red” size=”fluid” icon=”” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”][/epcl_button]

10.Amazon Prime

In order to capitalize on the rising popularity of music streaming websites, Amazon launched a premium service. Anime Strike just wasn’t popular among consumers that were asked to pay $5/month for it, which explains why the service was stopped. To everyone’s surprise, Amazon chose to migrate its own anime content to Prime Video. So now your Amazon Prime membership includes the extra advantage of numerous premium anime shows and movies.

The massive lineup includes Inuyashiki Last Hero, Scum’s Wish, and Okkoku, together with both dubbed and subbed versions. Even though the service is not dependable for simulcast programming, it makes up for it with the size of the material library. For hardcore fans who follow each episode by the moment, just Crunchyroll and Funimation can cut on it. But if you do not mind the wait time and enjoy dubbed versions, mainstream providers like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video are fantastic for content that has not translated or subtitled.

[epcl_button label=”Download Amazon Prime Video” url=”\” type=”outline” color=”red” size=”fluid” icon=”” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”][/epcl_button]


11.Anidub App

Anidub Program is a mobile program for viewing anime. The program regularly notifies you. You can flip off the notifications if you want to.

Anime can be found by thanks to the huge content base to its flavour. The library is updated. You can use torrents to download if you don’t have the chance to watch anime on the internet.

The program has a wonderful design. The main menu displays releases. In the right corner, there is a search engine with which the anime you need can be found by you. While searching, you can use keywords, genre, release date, etc..

Each anime has its own page with a description and a nice design. Additionally, there are data the rating, release date, and comments section.
It is possible to bookmark the anime you like or pin it.

Key features:

  • Regular Updates and Notifications about new releases;
  • The capacity to watch porn in offline and online modes;
  • A large assortment of Japanese animation in the database;
  • Video playback in both built-in and third-party participants.

[epcl_button label=”Download Anidub app” url=”” type=”outline” color=”red” size=”fluid” icon=”” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”][/epcl_button]



A person who considers himself a veteran in anime is not at all going to be impressed with the limited amount of titles that are offered by Netflix. However, it does have some amazing titles to offer. But you don’t need to pay anything more than your original subscription program for around 50 amine shows and movies. Netflix has already become a popular material creator with TV shows and movies including House of Cards and Stranger Things. The service also provides original anime series, for example, Voltron and Seven Deadly Sins, which you can not find anywhere else. Offering to program with the subbed version Netflix is ideal for beginner anime lovers.

[epcl_button label=”Download Netflix” url=”” type=”outline” color=”red” size=”fluid” icon=”” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”][/epcl_button]

13.Kitsu: Anime & Manga Tracker

Without even going to external resources, you can watch films and your favorite anime series.

The app’s design is influenced by Minimalism. There is a continuous list of updated events on the home page of the site. Every section includes the name, the year, the launch date, a short description and cover image. It also shows an evaluation of the program. In the menu tab, you can also browse the genres section. Within this tab, you can form all of the anime that is available by genre, thus greatly facilitating the search for the series that is desired. Additionally, you may use the search engine to enter the name of the series that is desired.

You can add any anime show in your favourites. You can go everywhere and turn on what you want. Kitsu application is for you if you are an anime fan and are looking for a suitable application for watching anime shows.

[epcl_button label=”Download Kitsu: Anime & Manga Tracker” url=”” type=”outline” color=”red” size=”fluid” icon=”” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”][/epcl_button]

14. YouTube

YouTube is an excellent app for anime Lovers.
You may discover all kinds of awesome stuff on this one. There are soundtracks, theme music, and at times even a whole series or two just lying about. As a lover, you can make your own contributions that are little if you would like to as well. In addition to that, there are many different YouTube personalities that do videos so you can find sometimes news, opinions, lists, and reviews. YouTube is totally free with advertisements. It is possible to pay $9.99 per month to eliminate ads and enable background play.

[epcl_button label=”Download Youtube” url=”” type=”outline” color=”red” size=”fluid” icon=”” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”][/epcl_button]

FAQ’s On Anime Apps

What is the best anime app?

There is no single app which is best. My fav is kissanime and gogoanime

What is the best free anime app?

There are many free apps available in market. For more info visit codetounlock

Is there a Kissanime app?

Yes, it’s there

Where can I watch anime on mobile?

Kissanime, funimation, Crunchyroll

Conclusion: Best Anime Apps

I hope you guys enjoyed this article. We had a lot of movie lovers and fans writing to us regarding the apps to watch anime on an Android Device, So we decided to resolve that for you and provide you guys with a list of alternative links so that it becomes easier for you guys to watch anime shows and movies.

In case if you have a query or any doubt related to Anime Apps, please let us know in the comments section below. Thank you for your precious time.

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