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How To Share Internet Connection Of Android Phone With Other Phone, Laptops etc

A tablet PC or a PC would be a great option to browse the internet or surf the web, rather than using your Smart phone’s small screen. It is more comfortable to use your tablet’s screen which is large and comfortable. But, if you do not have any wireless network in range, when you are on the go, then it becomes difficult to access the internet.

However, if you also have another Wi-Fi enabled Android smart phone in hand, then you can have a work around solution.

  • Now, you can easily turn your android device into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot using your device’s 3G connection, and then connect your tablet to this to access the web, by implementing a process that’s called ‘tethering’.

In very simple terms, tethering refers to connecting one device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, to another, such as a laptop, to be able to share the internet connection (3G/4G data connection) of the former with the latter, when a WiFi connection is unavailable.

Tethering most often refers to using your smart phone as a mobile hotspot. In other words, it allows to connect the Internet on your tablet, laptop, or Wi-Fi enabled device, using your net connection or data connection. Tethering is very useful if you are in an area that has no free Wi-Fi and you need to do your computing on a device other rather than your phone.

Google introduced the portable Wi-Fi hotspot feature in version 2.2 of the mobile platform and above, which is known as Froyo. Those with smartphones running Google Android 2.1 and above versions, you just  need to download an app given below:

Before tethering, smart phone users should remember to check their network’s terms and conditions, whether tethering is allowed, data connection etc, because once you use tethering, you might hit your mobile data cap a lot faster than you actually thought. This could result in an increased charge.

So, things to check will be:

  • Wireless tethering will only work if your smart phone itself is capable of creating a wireless hotspot.
  • Please check with your wireless carrier to see if tethering is an option available to you.
  • Extra charges from your carrier may apply if you use this feature.

Steps to connect Any Device to a Hotspot Enabled Device


  • You’ll need to begin by turning on the portable Wi-Fi hotspot function on your Google Android handset (First Phone).
  • From the Home Screen > Settings menu > Wireless & Networks and check the box next to Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Now Click on Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot settings to get the password and ensure that your tablet can connect to the network.

  • Pick up your Laptop/Tablet/Phone (device 2) and open the Settings menu. Select Wi-Fi Settings.
  • Select the hotspot name from the list of Wi-Fi networks within range.
  • Next you’ll be required to enter the password to access the Wi-Fi network. Put the password and hit OK.
  • Now the tablet will enter into process to obtain the IP address and as soon as process finishes off, it will connect to the network, letting you surf the web from your tablet to your heart’s content.
  • Voila!! Enjoy sharing internet with neighbours. Do some work so that at least you can pay your bills. Cheers!

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